Key 2020 Dates

Please note below the changes to our program necessitated by the COVID-19 situation. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will make more adjustments if necessary. All parts of our program will be conducted remotely including all training and judging.

All training for assessors will be conducted online. We will be posting details of the online courses in the next few months.

Friday 28th August 2020 2020 STANSW Young Scientist Paper Plane Challenge  
The Paper Planes competition will be conducted online with participants sending in validated videos of their best throws. Details can be found on the Paper Planes website.
Wednesday 9th September 2020, MidnightDeadline for online submission of SECONDARY Investigation Projects including

Scientific Investigations
Mathematical Investigations

Friday 11th September 2020, MidnightDeadline for online submission of SECONDARY Technology Projects

Innovations and Engineering Design Projects

Please note changed date to account for a later HSC major work deadline
Saturday 12th September – Tuesday 22nd SeptemberJUDGING of all Secondary projects – Details on Opportunities for Teachers page
Wednesday 16th September 2020, Midnight Deadline for online submission for ALL Primary Projects  including

Inventions and Innovations
Scientific Investigations
Mathematical Investigations

Friday 18th September – Wednesday 23rd September JUDGING of all PRIMARY projects – Details on Opportunities for Teachers page
Friday 18th November 2020, onwardsSTANSW Young Scientist Awards – Announcement of winners
Online announcements – Details will be announced soon  

15 thoughts on “Key 2020 Dates

  1. Admin bar avatar

    That is correct. Judges will only be marking entries submitted electronically.

  2. Leonie

    What is the difference between submitting online and the Model set up at Sydney Uni ? Sorry Im just unsure if you have to do both or if online is all that is required ? My students have worked on the Working Technology section – so do we just submit all online. Your info and website is great just not sure what is required – Thanks in advance Leonie

  3. Admin bar avatar

    Hi Leonie,

    For Models and Innovations you must set up your project at Sydney Uni with your accompanying folio and poster or page explaining how the model works for the judges. For the online component we also need the folio uploaded so we have a record of the project entered. We may shortlist the project for other sponsored awards which makes it necessary to have something submitted online.

  4. Tobias

    Hi. First thanks for an amazing initiative and work.
    I have a question regarding Models and innovation submit dates. I understand that the deadline to register is the 18th. My question is if the report needs to be uploaded at that time -or do the students who will attend the 25th/26th event have until the 25th to work on their report?

  5. Admin bar avatar

    Thanks Tobias,

    Strangely enough, we have just put up a post that answers your very question. No project material needs to be uploaded at all and you have until 4pm Friday 25th August to have the report finished.

  6. Admin bar avatar

    We will send notification to schools in the last week of Term 3 of the prizewinners.

  7. Ewan

    Apologies for this inquiry, as I’m sure that you are extremely busy at this moment in time. However, we are preparing our final school newspaper of the term and were wandering if the results will be available before Thursday at 3:00pm, as this is our deadline for publishing. Thanks in advance.

  8. Admin bar avatar

    Yes Ewan, finalists will be informed in the next 24 hours. Have a look at the announcement that is now going on our home page.

  9. Ewan Sutton

    Hi, a few questions:
    – have all the specialist prize winners been notified?
    – will there be any tickets for the presentation ceremony be available for teachers of prize winners?
    Thanks in advance

  10. Admin bar avatar

    We just have some Rural Young Scientist Awards to finalise. All other Special Awards winners have been notified in the last three days. Both teacher mentors of winning students and their principals will be invited during the next week.

  11. Sophie

    Hi there, I would like information on the 2018 Young Scientist Award – where can I obtain information on entry requirements, key dates etc. We missed out this year as we were not aware of the competition or key dates so I would like to ensure that my child is able to enter next year.
    Kind regards, Sophie

  12. Admin bar avatar

    Hi Sophie,

    Hi Sophie, the 2018 Young Scientist Awards will run in a similar fashion for what is on our website for 2017. The due date is the last Friday in August at midnight. We will be updating our website in November/December.

  13. Admin bar avatar

    Yes, all prizes for 2019 were notified in October 2019.

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