Welcome to the final session of our virtual awards presentations! We will be presenting all of our Grand Awards in this session.

For more details on all those amazing projects who were just announced please click on the link below to access our Presentation Booklet

2020 Young Scientist Awards Presentation Booklet

And in case you would like to watch and share specific portions of tonight’s program, here are the links to those videos. Please don’t forget to tag us on Facebook @stanswyoungscientist, Twitter @STANSW_YS and Instagram @stansw_youngscientist and use the hashtag #YSAwards2020

Australian Water Awards

NSW BHPFSEA Nominees – Primary

NSW BHPFSEA Nominees – Secondary

NSW BHPFSEA Nominee – Teacher

Broadcom Masters Representative

ISEF Finalists and Young Scientist of the Year

We have been overwhelmed by your responses to these presentations – an entirely new concept for us – both via email and on the Facebook feed. We are so pleased that we have been able to capture at least some of the excitement of the live event in this format. Please do get in touch with us with any stories, feedback, videos you are happy to share – we miss seeing the excitement and joy on the students’ faces.

We will be in touch with the award winners soon with certificates and details about the redemption of their cash awards. We also hope to be able to send all of the participants their certificates and feedback letters in the next couple of weeks.

Until next year …… Yours in STEM – the Young Scientist Awards Committee!