2021 Young Scientist Entry Form

THE 2021 COMPETITION IS NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED – Please visit back in early 2022 to enter submissions for the 2022 program.

We are so delighted that despite the challenging circumstances that most students in the state found themselves we still have close to 800 entries this year. Congratulations to all students who have persevered and completed projects this year – you are already winners!!

Teachers/Mentors – Please refer to the Rules page for any issues regarding late entries.


All projects are to be entered online. Either students, parents or teachers can enter a project.  When a project is entered an adult (teacher, parent or mentor) must acknowledge and certify that the project is the work of the identified student(s) and that the Young Scientist rules have been followed.

Projects may be entered into one or more of the following STEM categories: Technology, Scientific Investigations and Mathematical Investigations. The same project may be entered into more than one STEM category; however it must be entered separately via the online entry form.

Year 11 and 12 Science students can also enter their Depth Study (completed as part of a NESA certified Year 11 or 12 Science course) into our special Rowe Scientific Depth Study category. If the Depth study involved a practical investigation, students may also enter it into a Science discipline such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Earth and Environmental Science. They must enter this Science discipline separately.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation there will be no delivery or setup of technology projects this year. 

Uploading project files: Each component of an Investigation (e.g. report and logbook) must be uploaded as a separate PDF on the online entry system. When you are ready to register projects, you need to have the contact email for the student as well as details of the project to be submitted. You also need to have the electronic copies of the investigation (report and logbook) ready to upload.


Uploading Files: There is a 10 Mb maximum file size allowed on our online entry portal. To minimise the size of the files to be uploaded, get your students to resample each graphic and save each file as a low resolution PDF.

(Video) files that are too large may be

1. Uploaded to a Youtube, Vimeo or alternative publicly accessible platform or

2. Uploaded to a Google Drive or equivalent. Please provide a link to either of these options within the documents that you upload.

Very Important: Please make sure the settings are set to Public or (Google Drive) “Anyone with the link can view”.

If you continue to experience difficulties with the uploading of the files, contact youngscientist@stansw.asn.au and we will  discuss alternative ways of sending the files.

Before submitting each entry you must check the box, indicating that the project is the work of the identified students and that each of the Young Scientist rules have been followed. After submitting each entry you will receive a confirmation email listing all the details of that entry.