2020 Young Scientists win Special Awards at 2021 Regeneron ISEF!

Antonio Rajaratnam – our 2020 Young Scientist of the Year has just won a Special Award at the 2021 Virtual Regeneron ISEF. His project – Survival of the Fairy – impressed the judges from the University of Arizona who have awarded him a scholarship valued at $40,000 to the university.

Antonio’s project demonstrated a long term commitment over two years in documenting the habitat of the Sand Fairy Cicada – a little known species that had not been seen in Sydney for 100 years. Antonio’s research highlighted the fragility and importance of its sand dune habitat as well as providing evidence for many previously undocumented aspects of its behaviour and lifecycle. Well done, Antonio!

Conrad Petrovic from Broughton Anglican College was also awarded the American Statistical Association’s Special Award in Statistics earlier this week. Conrad studied the processes involved in hardening of steel and how these impact steel quality – a vitally important aspect for many manufacturing processes. His analysis of complex data and ability to synthesis this into a meaningful conclusion obviously impressed the judges. Congratulations Conrad!