Major Announcement for NSW Rural Secondary Students

The STANSW Young Scientist Awards have just signed off on a major initiative for NSW Rural secondary students which will be known as the STANSW Rural Young Scientist Awards.

Starting immediately, the STANSW Rural Young Scientist Awards will be providing wonderful opportunities for NSW rural secondary students for the next four years! We are indebted to the Sapphire Foundation for this wonderful initiative that gives opportunity for rural students to get involved in STEM.


Under the four-year agreement between the Sapphire Foundation and STANSW, the STANSW Rural Young Scientist Awards offers the following incentives to encourage and support STEM education in rural NSW:

1. STANSW Rural Young Scientist Awards will be allocating an annual prize pool of $4000 (to be reviewed
annually) to be divided amongst the top scoring projects (at level 4 or 5) from Rural areas as identified by school postcode, or in the event of homeschoolers, their home postcode. To be eligible, Rural secondary schools are considered to be those outside a radius of 70 km from Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra, except where the town is on the Dept. of Education ‘Rural and Remote Schools’ list

2. The top two projects by Year 9-12 Rural students, not already chosen for the ISEF team, will be selected as prizewinners to join the Young Scientist ISEF team on an all-expenses paid trip. For 2018, the International Science and Engineering Fair will be in Pittsburgh, USA.

3. One teacher from a rural secondary school, and who has submitted multiple high standard student projects, will be selected through EOI as a prizewinner to chaperone the Rural ISEF students, starting from 2018 Pittsburgh.

4. One rural teacher to be nominated by the Young Scientist Committee will be approached to gauge willingness to run a regional judging Hub from 2018 onwards. Subject to agreement to do this, this teacher will be awarded a prize comprising transport and accommodated in Sydney to attend judging, starting from 2017. As Judging for Scientific Investigations takes place on the weekend of 1st/2nd September we are looking for interested rural teachers to contact us by email at before 5pm, Friday 25th August. From 2018, a Young Scientist committee member will be transported to and accommodated at the regional hub to train teachers and assist in set-up.


As a committee, we are delighted with this opportunity to promote and support STEM education in NSW Rural secondary schools! Finally we would like to give the Sapphire Foundation a big “thank you” for making this opportunity possible.