Six $500 Student Grants

Australian scientific equipment supplier Rowe Scientific Pty. Ltd. has committed significant financial support to the Australian Science Teachers Association and each state Science Teachers Association from 2016-2020. The STANSW Young Scientist Awards is benefiting by receiving $10,000 annually, for which $3,000 is going directly into student grants. rowe_logo (1)

In 2017, the $3,000 will go towards 6 grants of $500 for secondary students in schools that are either rural or remote, have a high percentage of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds or have a high portion of indigenous students. Schools who satisfy one or more of these criteria and are committed to enter two or more projects from Year 7-12 students in the 2017 STANSW Young Scientist Awards are eligible for one of these grants. Details for applying for one of these grants will be available in the middle of Term 2, 2017.

Schools will need to fill out an application form to register for one of these student grants. The due date for this application is Friday 21st July 2017. The Young Scientist Committee will be selecting the grant-winning schools, based on the merit of these applications and their applicability to the three specified criteria, using information provided by schools to ACARA and published on the My School website.

Winning schools will be informed in Week 2 Term 3 and these schools will then be able to distribute this $500 to selected high performing Year 7-12 science students.