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All entries are to be registered online. Either students or parents can register their project from home or a teacher can register the project from school, but please make sure a project is only entered once.  When a project is entered an adult (teacher, parent or mentor) must acknowledge that the project is the work of the identified student(s) and that the Young Scientist rules have been followed.

ENGINEERING – Secondary Innovations and Engineering Design projects and Primary Inventions and Innovations projects

All Engineering projects are due on Friday 6th September 2019 by 4pm. Student, school and project details for each Engineering entry must be provided on the online registration using the Project entry form. Select any Sponsored awards for which the project meets the given criteria.

Hard copies of folios and logbooks must be delivered with the models or innovative device and an A3 or larger poster (describing how the model works) to the PTC Offices, 67-73 St Hilliers Rd, Auburn between 1pm and 4pm on Friday 6th September. Models that have an associated scientific investigation, must also have the scientific investigation component uploaded to the online registration system by midnight, Wednesday 11th September, 2019.

For regional Engineering entries and Year 12 Design and Technology students whose projects are embargoed from the 29th August for HSC marking, you can send in your entries electronically using the online registration system. Upload your folio and a short video of your innovative device, showing it’s main features and how it works. To do this you must upload your files by 4pm Friday 6th September 2019. To minimise the size of the files to be uploaded, get your students to resample each graphic and save each file as a low resolution PDF. If you experience difficulties with the uploading of the files, contact and we will  discuss alternative ways of sending the files.

INVESTIGATIONS – Scientific Investigation and Mathematical Investigation projects (including Depth Studies)

All Investigation entries must be submitted online before midnight, Wednesday 11th September, 2019. Projects received after this time will have their eligibility for a prize decided by STANSW Council.  Teachers are encouraged to submit projects early so uploading and internet issues do not result in a student project missing the deadline.

Each component of an Investigation (e.g. report and logbook) must be uploaded as a separate PDF on the online registration system. Every effort must be made to compress file sizes and a Young Scientist dropbox will be available for files that are too large. When you are ready to register projects, you need to have the contact email for the student as well as details of the project to be submitted. You also need to have the electronic copies of the investigation (report and logbook) ready to upload.

Enter a project using the online Project entry form. Enter the student, school and project details and select any Sponsored awards for which the project meets the given criteria.

To minimise the size of the files to be uploaded, get your students to resample each graphic and save each file as a low resolution PDF. If you experience difficulties with the uploading of the files, contact and we will  discuss alternative ways of sending the files.

Before submitting each entry you must check the box, indicating that the project is the work of the identified students and that each of the Young Scientist rules have been followed. After submitting each entry you will receive a confirmation email listing all the details of that entry. Check these details and if you need to make any changes, reopen your registration using the special code provided and make your changes.

19 thoughts on “How to Enter

  1. Jacqueline

    Can small groups of students enter together or are the Scientific Investigation projects for individual students only? Thank you

  2. Admin

    You can have groups of 2 or 3 in every category of the Young Scientist Awards. They are judged equally to individual projects.

  3. Sally

    For the Working Mathematically Category:
    – What limitations are there on the number of entries (per grade, for example)?
    – Do you accept whole-class entries?

  4. Admin

    There are no limitations. We just ask that each school sends projects that do attempt to follow the judging rubric that we have set up.

  5. Alison Hollier

    I am a teacher and want to enter investigations for several students. The entry form seems to be for individual entries …. what is the process for teachers entering several student entries?


    Once you have entered one student and received the confirmation, you can then start again and do the second student and then the third and son on. It also works best if the teacher who sends the email is the one who has their email attached at the bottom of the project entry form. For then you will be the one who receives the confirmation.

  7. Sally

    Re. the online entry form:

    Is it acceptable to provide the teacher’s email address rather than the parent/child’s email address? Some of our students are too young to regularly check their email accounts and we’d need permission to provide parent email addresses.

    Thanks 🙂


    That is fine – most entries have the teacher’s email.

  9. JP

    Sorry, what if you are not australian?
    Could you still apply, too?
    I live in Papua New Guinea and we
    don’t have an affiliated fair in our


    High JP, Yes we do accept International entries if you go to our Rules page it says: 10. (New for 2016) Students from other countries are welcome to enter the STANSW Young Scientist Awards and be in the running for a place in any of the category prizes. If they are selected for a prize they will receive a Certificate stating their category placement and their name will be listed on our annual list of prize winners.

  11. Fatima

    Hi I have uploaded my project but have not recieved a confirmation emailas have uploaded it more than once


    Hi Fatima,

    We have received your entry. Can you just confirm whether you want your entry in Chemistry or Earth & Environmental Science.

  13. Annie Martin

    When I enter a student for Young Scientist, do I select which section – Investigations, Working mathematically or Innovations – that they are entering? I have entered students in previous years, and I remember checking a box on what category. Is this the same this year? I have a student who would like to enter their project in all three categories. Is the working mathematically a separate entry, or is it based on the data collection and analysis in their Investigations entry? Thank you.


    Thank you Annie. Yes Working Mathematically is now a separate category. You now have to click on one category and fill out the whole form and then press submit. Then you need to start again and click on the next category and fill out the full form and then press submit. Then do the same for the third category.
    We have now added this description to the entry form to make this clear so thank you for the question!

  15. Craig Bruce Fitzsimmons

    Good afternoon,
    Just wondering if a logbook is MANDATORY when submitting an entry?

    Our school is looking at ditching logbooks in 2019.


    Hi Craig,

    Logbooks are still mandatory for the Young Scientist Awards as they provide evidence that the work is the student’s work. One suggestion that could work is to have a logbook at the end of your report like an appendix so you are only submitting one file. That passes all the rules and if it is comprehensive enough then will satisfy the judges. Judges love to see the development of an idea or a storyline, which is not possible when you don’t have a logbook.

    Young Scientist Committee

  17. Toni Fletcher


    I have a group of three Year 5 students who are very keen to submit an entry and are working through the process of an investigation. Do I need to register the team now or do I wait until they have completed their entry and submit the finished product (project and logbook) before the closing date?

    Toni Fletcher


    The latter is correct. We have no pre-registration for the Young Scientist Awards. You simply submit their projects online when they are finished before the deadline.

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