2019 Young Scientist Entry Form

Entries are now open for the 2019 Young Scientist Competition.

Special Awards for 2019 are not yet finalised so please nominate if you want to be considered for special awards using the 2018 options. 

2019 Young Scientist Project Entry Form

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Only fill out one online Project Entry Form for each project





Homeschooling entries write "Homeschool - Suburb" in "School Name" field.



All Scientific Investigation entries, Mathematical Investigations and folios of Innovative and Engineering Designs must be sent electronically using the upload function below. IF you are unable to set up your model of an innovative device or application at the PTC Office in Auburn, then please upload a short video showing how your model of an innovative device or application works. This is necessary for HSC Technology projects where your final project is embargoed.

This system allows a maximum of 3 files to be sent, with a maximum size of 10MB for each file. Convert each file to a low resolution PDF before uploading, which both minimises the file size and maintains original formatting. If you have any difficulties, contact youngscientist@stansw.asn.au and we will assist you.



Sponsored awards for 2019 have not yet been finalised so please tick each of the relevant 2018 Sponsored awards that have criteria closely relevant to your project.



It is the responsibility of an adult: teacher, parent or mentor to ensure that this project to be submitted is the work of the identified student or team. Students may receive support, however, all support must be clearly stated in an Acknowledgements list.