2019 ISEF Team Profile Olivia Arvanitis – Autonomous Water Monitoring System

Olivia built and tested a monitoring system in which the ammonia, pH, and temperature levels of water are measured. The data is then able to be sent to a Bluetooth device to be logged into a relevant program. Her innovative portable system is convenient in terms of data communication, the range of aspects of water quality measured, and transportation in case of a 
location change. Applications of the system could include public lakes and groundwater systems on agricultural land, as well as aquaponics and fish farming.

ISEF 2019 Team Profile Sophie Angus Cilantro Leaf – Lead Relief

Lead contamination of drinking water poses very serious health risks to humans, and coriander has been shown to be effective at removing lead from animal bodies. Sophie investigated which form of coriander – fresh leaves, cut stems or dried leaves – was the most effective at removing lead from contaminated water. Her extensive investigations found that fresh leaves were the most effective.