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”The Young Scientist Award Scheme aims to stimulate curiosity through inquiry to undertake innovative investigations.  Informed by the world of Science, Mathematics and Technology, students are encouraged to find creative solutions to everyday problems to make our lives better.  The Young Scientist Award Scheme is a NSW syllabus based K to 12 STEM initiative.”

The STANSW Young Scientist Awards is a major project of the Science Teachers’ Association of New South Wales (STANSW). It has been running since 1992 and is headed up by a 15-member committee representing all sectors of education.

The Young Scientist Committee is composed of primary teachers, secondary science, maths and technology teachers, industry leaders and a representative from the Australian Museum. As a STEM-focused project, one of our committee is a STANSW Executive member and another two Young Scientist committee members are representative members of the Mathematical Association of NSW (MANSW).

For Kindergarten to Year 12 students, Young Scientist offers worthwhile incentives to carry out scientific investigations, mathematical investigations and/or creating an innovative device.

The STANSW Young Scientist Awards are structured into three major categories (i) Working Scientifically (ii) Working Technologically and (iii) Working Mathematically.

These respective category awards are:

(i) STANSW Scientific Investigations (Sponsored by the Science Teachers’ Association of New South Wales Inc)

(ii) Innovation and Engineering Design Awards Year 7 – 12  and the OshClub Inventions and Innovations Awards Year K-6 (Sponsored by OshClub

(iii) MANSW Working Mathematically Awards (Sponsored by the Mathematical Association of NSW Inc).

Within these categories we have a host of sponsored awards that reward a large spectrum of the Working Scientifically, Working Technologically and Working Mathematically skills outlined in the respective NSW syllabuses.

Thanks to the Sapphire Foundation, the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, the Intel Foundation and CrookED Science , we sent our top nine Year 9-12 projects to the 2019 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Phoenix (May 2019). The Broadcom Foundation also sponsored a Year 7-8 student to attend the Broadcom MASTERS International program which ran in collaboration with ISEF in Phoenix (May 2019).

Our ISEF delegation in 2020 were due to compete in Los Angeles (May 2020), however, COVID-19 restrictions prevented this event from occurring. Instead they participated in a Virtual Fair over the same time period.

The STANSW Young Scientist Committee are giving as much support to Science, Technology and Mathematics teachers as possible through professional development activities we organise and through resources, readily available on our website. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only science fair in the world who have their past winning projects accessible to all teachers, parents and students. There is no set formula for setting out a project, however, following the order of one or two of these projects is the best way to start. We also have a Young Scientist Youtube Channel with nearly 50 model and innovation projects on display. Showing a few of these is the best way of launching project-based learning in any classroom environment.

As a State Fair, the STANSW Young Scientist awards forwards the majority of winning entries to the national BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Awards for more chances of prizes.

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