ISEF Finalists and Broadcom Delegate Announced

The first three NSW students have now been selected

The STANSW Young Scientist Committee is pleased to announce the first three finalists who will be representing Australia at the 2016 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, Arizona in May. These students were selected from our top finalists by our independent ISEF panel: Dagmar Arthur McCloughan (Chair, ACARA Education Consultant), Associate Professor Kerry Hitos (Biomedical Scientist) and Vatche Ansourian (Science Advisor 7-12, NSW Department of Education and Communities)


1st IIMG_9492SEF Finalist

Jade Moxey, Sapphire Coast Anglican College, The spread of seeds through cattle

This is a project dear to any farmer’s heart! Jade has investigated what seeds are ingested by cattle in her local area and then germinate through their manure. The significance is that plants are then transferred to other areas. Jade showed that a limited number of species beneficial to a farming operation germinated, such as Ryegrass, Kikuyu and Clover. She also found that noxious weeds, such as Fireweed, can easily spread via the rudiments of livestock.

2nd ISEF FinaliIMG_9422st

James Poyitt, Redeemer Baptist School,  Leg-e-vator

As anyone who has suffered from leg injury would know, it is often difficult to follow the doctor’s orders and keep it elevated. James saw this struggle when his brother had an injured foot, and decided to do something about it. His device would allow for the correct elevation of an injured leg when a person is seated. James put a lot of work into the final design: a portable, comfortably fitted device that does a simple job well.

3rd ISEF Finalist

Samuel Kantor, Moriah College, Eye ConnectIMG_9421

For individuals with upper body paralysis, assistive software is often necessary to access digital technology. Samuel saw just how expensive this software could be, and created “Eye Connect”, the first free cross-platform assistive software for upper body paralysis. The software may be controlled by small movements of the head or the blink of an eye, using a computer’s built-in webcam. It is an affordable alternative to conventional methods to assist the severely disabled from impoverished backgrounds.




We are grateful for our new Major Sponsor, Sebel Furniture, who has provided the funds to send these three students to the 2016 ISEF at Phoenix. We are also pleased to inform every NSW student and teacher that Sebel will also be funding a trip to 2017 ISEF at Los Angeles for the best students in the upcoming 2016 STANSW Young Scientist Awards, which previously has involved a trip to Disneyland.

Sebel Furniture: Major Sponsor has provided funds for 3 finalists and 1 chaperone and they have indicated if we can source another $6,000 then they will complement this with more funds to enable a team of 6 students and 2 chaperones to represent Young Scientist at ISEF 2016 at Phoenix! We therefore request extra sponsorship from any potential sponsor who would like to support our International program to enable us to gather this extra $6,000. We can then open the last three envelopes and have a team of 6 students, once again due to the generosity of Sebel Furniture: Major Sponsor.


Broadcom MASTERS International DelegateIMG_9469


For the last three years, the STANSW Young Scientist ISEF team have been accompanied by a Year 7 or 8 student who has joined 25 other international delegates, taking part in a special program for middle school students that runs in conjunction with ISEF. The Year 7 or 8 student is selected for their ability to conduct an outstanding science project and a keen ability to communicate their findings at a high level. The winner of this all-expenses paid trip to Phoenix, funded by Broadcom  is:

Lily Yang, Meriden School, The effects of taste on memory

Lily investigated the effects of taste on memory. Three groups of 10 subjects were either given no drink, a drink they liked or a drink they disliked before viewing some visual material. They were then given 10 questions on a piece of paper 20 minutes after viewing this material and the data collected from this investigation concluded that the effects of taste on memories of facts and information were not beneficial, but rather negative.

Sebel Furniture, our new Major Sponsor is sponsoring STANSW Young Scientist ISEF team!

STANSW Young Scientist Team heading to Phoenix in May 2016

We have some wonderful news!

We now have an ISEF team going to Phoenix in May 2016!

Not only that, we also have funding for a team to go to ISEF 2017 which is being held in Los Angeles and the winners for this will be announced at our 2016 Presentation Ceremony!

Phoenix Title


This has all SEBEL LOGO-TOP OPTION-CMYKbeen made possible by Sebel Furniture, an Australian company founded by Harry Sebel 60 years ago. Sebel Furniture has been providing chairs and furnishings for NSW schools for many years and they see this sponsorship as a way of giving something back to the NSW educational sector who have been most supportive of their business for these years.

Sebel Furniture: Major Sponsor has provided funds for 3 finalists and 1 chaperone and they have indicated if we can source another $6,000 then they will complement this with more funds to enable a team of 6 students and 2 chaperones to represent Young Scientist at ISEF 2016 at Phoenix!


Rural teen wins ABC Rural: Young Scientist of the Year after studying cow poo and weed spread

Year 10 student, Jade Moxey has become the first Young Scientist of the Year to hail from the south coast of NSW.

The year-long science project involved investigating which seeds eaten by cattle could still germinate from their manure.

Read more about this tremendous achievement at the ABC Rural News Site 

Jade Moxley from NSW wins Young Scientist of the Year