2022 Stages of Judging

To make our judging process as objective as possible we have adopted a multi-stage judging process:

Stage 1: Double marking process which is designed to allocate a holistic grade to a project, from Level 1 (lowest) to Level 5 (highest), using a published rubric. The objective of Stage 1 judging is to identify the short-listed projects. This is the largest stage of judging, involving multiple teams of volunteer judges.  In 2022, this and all other stages of judging will be conducted online.

Stage 2: More rigorous reading of short-listed projects, in the home environment, followed by a discussion of winners for that specific category. Stage 2 judging is conducted by the senior assessors for that category and nominated experienced judges.

Stage 3: Senior assessors judge a different category, being blind to previous decisions, and then come together with original category judges to compare and finalise category placings. Senior assessors also select the best 15-20 overall projects in the Secondary age category to be submitted to an external panel of independent experts for Stage 4 judging.

Stage 4: The external (ISEF) panel is composed of 4 or 5 experienced and independent judges, who are not privy to the results of the prior stages of judging. This panel picks the Grand Award winners.

Conflict of Interest: At each stage of judging, no judge is to assess or be involved in decision making, where there is a possible (even perceived) conflict of interest. Please see Rule 19 in our Rules page for details of conflict of interest situations.



2 thoughts on “2022 Stages of Judging

  1. Robin Gordon

    If possible, I would love to be involved in judging this year. Do you have any dates or venues for judging this year?

  2. STANSW YS Post author

    Hi Robin,

    We would love you to be involved again and any of your fellow teachers from your school. Dates are 31st August and 1st September for Technology projects, 8th September for Maths judging and 14th and 15th September for Science judging. All details can be found on our website at http://www.youngscientist.com.au/?page_id=2. This page has the Google Doc link whereby you can register for judging.

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