Honour Roll

Honour Roll

STANSW Young Scientists of the Year

2020 Antonio Rajaratnam Redeemer Baptist School, “The Survival of the Fairy : An In-Depth Survey into the Behaviour and Life Cycle of the Sand Fairy Cicada”

2019 Angelina Arora Sydney Girls High School, “Stranger Danger: A novel approach to cancer research using phenotypic morphing”

2018 Callum Predavec Mosman High School, “Planetary Transfer Calculator”

2017 Jade Moxey Sapphire Coast Anglican College & Macinley Butson The Illawarra Grammar School, “The SAS System (Sanitation & Sterilization)”

2016 Macinley Butson The Illawarra Grammar School, “Innovation in Contralateral Breast Shielding Design for Radiotherapy Cancer Treatment”

2015 Jade Moxey Sapphire Coast Anglican College, “The spread of seeds through cattle”

2014 Chanum Torres Redeemer Baptist School, “Breathe easy: A study on the levels of CO2 in vehicle cabins”

2013 Ethan Butson The Illawarra Grammar School, “SMART Glasses: Stroke management with augmented reality technology”

2012 Kyle Willimott Barker College, “Optimising the operational performance of a thermoelectric generator for sustainable green energy applications”

2011 Ethan Butson The Illawarra Grammar School, “Invention and characterisaton of the UVview protector badge”

2010 Samuel Bishop-Taylor Great Lakes College, Forster Campus, “Tree flammability research and application”

2009 Ethan Butson The Illawarra Grammar School, “A new film detector for measuring ultraviolet radiation exposure”

2008 Chaneg Torres Redeemer Baptist School, “Using isobel contour mapping to determine acoustically optimum seating positions in a classroom”

2007 Nina Pinto Hornsby Girls High School, “The habitat of the marine snail, Nerita atramentosa, and the tenacity of its foot in various salinities”

2006 Ian Cannon & Rickystan Savaiko Redeemer Baptist School, “Versatile colour identification and luminance contrast determination using a triluminate source”

2005 Andrew Stewart Karabar Distance Education Centre, “Multi-tiered wetlands: A technique for improving the efficiency of artificial wetlands”

2004 Andrew Stewart Karabar Distance Education Centre, “Multi-tiered wetlands”

2003 Marcus Cannon and Simeon Cannon Redeemer Baptist School, “Jet gym”

2002 Estelle Weber Wollumbin High School, “Acid sulfate soil remediation”

2001 Andrew McLeod North Sydney Boys High School, “Australian native plants”

2000 Peter Rees Redeemer Baptist School, “Floating on air”

1999 Michael Morris Killara High School, “Allergenicity of the predator dust mite”

1998 Dominique Collaros Girraween High School, “C’mon let’s get moving”

1997 Clifford Flax Masada College, “Bones”

1996 Trevor Francis Dorrigo High School, “Collection of water”

1995 Silvana Giordana Crestwood High School, “From a seed to a silky oak”

1994 Michael Morris Killara High School, “Cheyletus tenuspilis”

1993 George Cant SCEGS (SHORE), “Harnessing kinetic energy”

1992 Hugh Watson SCEGS (SHORE), “OFLASH (Optic fibre and safety harness)”

1991 Emma Holmick Blue Mountains Grammar School, “Which drop to drink”

From 1981 to 1990, this competition was run as The NSW Science Talent Search.


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