Sample 6-week Timeline for Projects

Week 1

  • Introduce the project to the class, hand out the letter to parents and brainstorm ideas for the project.
  • Go through the section titled ‘How to conduct a scientific investigation’
  • Explain how a logbook will work and make first entries (early proposals and ideas)
  • Students to decide on their topic or question by the end of this week.

Week 2

  • Students’ proposed question or topic to be approved by teacher (based on safety, feasibility, etc..).
  • This week is spent on background research (may be either in class time, at home or a combination)

Some questions for students to consider as they conduct their research could include:

    • What similar investigations have been conducted? What have they found?
    • What resources will I need?
    • What Scientific concepts do I need to understand?

Week 3-4

  • Hypothesis is formed, variables identified, methodology designed.
  • Determined materials are purchased by the student and the project can be set up.
  • Data collection and observations take place .

Week 5-6

  • Results are analysed and Conclusions drawn.
  • Report is written and project is prepared for display e.g. at a school science fair
  • Projects are uploaded to  before the deadline (5th September, 2018)