Sample Letter to Parents

Young Scientist Awards

Dear Parent/Guardian

As part of the _______________________________ (school’s name) Science program, your child has the opportunity to submit an original science project into the  prestigious STANSW Young Scientist Awards. These awards are a major initiative of the Science Teachers Association of NSW (STANSW) and provide science students a chance to participate in authentic scientific investigation and research.

Students are required to carry out an open-ended scientific investigation, i.e. they need to formulate a question that their scientific experiment will then try to answer.

For example,

  • Which brand of battery lasts the longest?
  • What material makes the best parachute?
  • Do boys or girls have better memory?

Students can work with a mentor (usually someone who knows more about the topic and is willing to share what they know), but the mentor’s help must be acknowledged.

The best entries at school level will be sent to state-level judging where successful entries will receive cash prizes. Judging will follow the rubric attached.

After the scientific investigation is complete, students must present their work as a scientific report (e.g. hypothesis, background, method, results, discussion, conclusion), with an accompanying logbook, a diary kept by the student outlining their ideas, plans, results etc…

The closing date for all entries to ______________________(School’s name) is _________________(enter date).

Further information is available at

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact your teacher or School Science coordinator:

________________________(contact details)


(Teacher’s Name)