ISEF – Thursday

Thursday May 14th 2015

Last full day


Being the last full day together at Intel ISEF, the Young Scientist and BHP Billiton Science and Engineering teams met together for breakfast. With judging over, the pressure is now off so the students can relax and enjoy the rest of today and tomorrow morning.


Public Visitation Day in full swing

P1050102 - Copy

Thursday is Public Visitation Day where members of the public, including thousands of local Pittsburgh school students get the opportunity to see the finalists with their projects.


Two full halls of projects


It is hard to comprehend the size of Intel ISEF 2015. There are 1702 finalists from 78 countries. This year the projects have had to be split into two halls. This photo only shows a portion of the the projects in the upper hall.


Josie with the Intel film crew

P1050112 - Copy

Josie was one of the students who was selected to be filmed by the Intel Film Crew.


Segway tour of Pittsburgh


Between the Public Visitation Day and the Special Awards Ceremony, we squeezed in a 90 minute Segway Tour of Pittsburgh and we all made it without falling off.

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