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Wednesday May 13th 2015

Judging has just started






The ISEF students have just gone into judging at 8am Wednesday (US time) and 10pm Wednesday (Sydney time). They will have a long 3.75 hour judging session where they will meet around 5-6 Grand Award judges and maybe a few special award judges. At this point I would like to pass on the student’s thankfulness for all those who have given their support from Australia. They specifically want to thank the University of Wollongong who have financed this trip and who have made this whole wonderful experience possible.

Our next update will be around 1:30 pm (US time) and 3:30 am Thursday (Sydney time) where we will report on how the first judging session went.


Halfway through judging 

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We are now at the halfway point of judging and all three students are very positive about this morning’s session. Chanum has had 4 Grand Award judges who all love his project and especially his model. He has 4 more Grand Award judges this afternoon. Alexandra has had 5 scheduled and 2 unscheduled Grand Award judges who are also very impressed with her project and her model. She has 6 more Grand Award judges this afternoon. Josie has had 4 or 5 Grand Award judges and is having 4 or 5 judges this afternoon. All Josie’s judges have been very impressed with her project.

They all have had Special Award judges this morning and one of them is coming back to Josie’s project this afternoon. They have been well-prepared as every question asked of them has been already asked of them in our preparatory work.

They have now gone into for another 3.75 hour judging session, which will finish at 5 pm Wednesday (US time), 7 am Thursday (Australian time).


ISEF judging is now finished!

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It is now just after 5 pm Wedneday 13th May (US time) and 7 am Thurday (EST). After 7.5 hours of exhausting judging the Young Scientist ISEF team are extremely relieved and pleased with how the day has gone. Chanum Torres had a total of 8 Grand Award judges and 1 Special Award judge. Alexandra Garth had a total of 13 Grand Award judges and 3 sets of Special Award judges. Meanwhile Josie Jakovac had a total of 9 Grand Award judges and 6 sets of Special Award judges.



After judging activities


To complete our day of judging, all the student finalists and their teams, went down to the Pittsburgh Steelers homeground for the first course in our dinner. We then moved onto the fabulous Carnegie Science Centre for a night full of activity and for the second course of our dinner.

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