Working Mathematically Awards


There are cash prizes for the best entries in each of the age sections at state level.

Each student is awarded a certificate based on their level of attainment of specified criteria given in the scoring rubric for their age and category:

  • Certificate of High Distinction for every student who achieves a level 5 against the rubric.
  • Certificate of Distinction for every student who achieves a level 4 against the rubric.
  • Certificate of Credit for every student who achieves a level 3 against the rubric.
  • Certificate of Commendation for other state-level finalists.
  • Certificates of Participation for every student entry at school level.

The best entry in each age and category will be one that meets the criteria at the highest level.


To be eligible for the Working Mathematically Awards  you simply have to click the button next to “Mathematical Investigation” when filling out the Project Entry Form (see below)

If you are also submitting your Mathematical Investigation into the Scientific Investigation category and/or the Innovations and Engineering Design category you will need to fill out a completely new entry form.

Entries for all Primary and Secondary Mathematical Investigations are due at midnight on Friday 24th September, 2021.