New Depth Study Awards Announced

Rowe Scientific Depth Study Awards!

For 8 (** now 10 due to high demand**) Year 11 practical investigations or secondary-sourced investigations that most effectively communicate how their depth study has enabled the student to develop and acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of one or more clearly identified concepts found within or inspired by the syllabus.

The Rowe Scientific Depth Study Awards are only for students who have never won a secondary award in the STANSW Young Scientist Awards and at least 4 (** now at least 5**) of the 8 (**now 10 awards**) awards are to be for students from low SES schools.

A Gold Award of $600 will be presented to the best entry with 3 Silver Awards of $300 and 4 (**now 6**) Bronze Awards of $200 to the next best entries, totaling $2,300 (**now $2,700**) in prize-money.