Wonderful opportunities and prizes for Year 11 and 12 Science students

Rowe Scientific Sponsoring Year 11 and 12 students!

Thanks to the generosity of Rowe Scientific Pty Ltd, we are able to offer awards specifically targeted for our Year 11 and 12 entrants.

Continuing on from changes brought in in 2018, Rowe Scientific will be funding all the Year 11-12 Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Science and Physics Category Awards

Rowe Scientific also funded ten Year 11 Depth Study Awards. These will be expanded in 2019 to include Year 12 Depth studies as well. This year the Rowe Scientific Depth Study Awards will be awarded to 20 students from 20 different schools, who have not won a secondary Young Scientist award and at least six of the twenty awards are to be for students from low SES schools.

A Gold Award of $500 will be presented to the best entry with five Silver Awards of $300 and fourteen Bronze Awards of $200 to the next best entries, totalling $4,800 in prize-money. Click here for more details and the judging rubric.

For Science Extension students, you have the ideal opportunity to win major awards including representing Australia at the 2021 (virtual) Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair.  The Scientific Research Report is modeled on the Young Scientist rubrics so you simply have to submit your Scientific Research Report and Portfolio to our competition by deadline.