Inventions and Innovations Awards: Years K-6

Requirements of the Primary Inventions and Innovations Awards

We are inviting projects where students

  • Designed and constructed an innovative device or application that is an original application of technology that solves a need or problem. It can be a new or improved device or process that clearly incorporates a technological idea or concept. ICT-based projects in a technological context are also eligible.
  • Built a working scaled or full-scaled prototype of the invention or innovative device or application.
  • Produced an accompanying design folio or logbook documenting background research and the design process, from brainstorming to final design, through construction to final product, testing and evaluation.

The judging rubrics for the Working Technologically category provide further details of what is expected. Our survival guide for primary teachers is also a great resource for teachers interested in this category of awards. 

Entries for the Years K-6 Inventions and Innovations Awards category must be entered online by midnight, Wednesday 16th September 2020. 

In 2020, there will be no physical exhibition or judging of any projects. All projects must be submitted online via our online entry system.  Your entry must include  a design folio and/or logbook, a clear description of how your model or prototype works and may include a short video showing how your prototype works. Please refer to the entry requirements and the judging criteria to guide your submission.

One of the judging criteria is that the student(s) has(have) produced a technology product or prototype that performs as intended. To demonstrate this, the student(s) may need to include a series of photos or video footage of the technology product performing as intended. The footage is to specifically show the technology project performing and should not show images of the student(s) themselves or identify their school. The quality of the photos or video footage will not be judged, but ensure it is clear enough for the judges to see the technology product working.

Uploading Files: There is a 10 Mb maximum file size allowed on our online entry portal. To minimise the size of the files to be uploaded, get your students to resample each graphic and save each file as a low resolution PDF.

(Video) files that are too large may be:

1. Uploaded to a Youtube, Vimeo or alternative publicly accessible platform or

2. Uploaded to a Google Drive or equivalent. Please provide a link to either of these options within the documents that you upload.

Very Important: Please make sure the settings are set to Public or (Google Drive) “Anyone with the link can view”.