Save the date(s)!

It’s not long now until we announce the winners of the 2020 STANSW Young Scientist Awards. This will be our very first online Presentation Event and will begin on Monday 16th November at 7 p.m. and conclude on Thursday 19th November with the announcement of the Grand Awards (see schedule below)

We are also very privileged to be able to include messages of support, encouragement and inspiration from scientists, alumni and other supporters of our program – such as this gem from Emma Serisier – multi award winning Young Scientist alumnus.


Monday 16th November 7.00 p.m. onwards
STANSW Scientific Investigation Awards – Primary
Scientific Investigation Awards – Secondary Biology
Scientific Investigation Awards – Secondary Chemistry
RACI Sponsored awards
NMI Science awards
Tuesday 17th November 7.00 p.m. onwards
Scientific Investigation Awards – Secondary Earth and Environmental Science
Primary Environment Award
STEP Environmental Award
Scientific Investigation Awards – Secondary Physics
AARNet Science awards
AIP awards
Rowe Scientific Depth Studies Awards
Wednesday 18th November 7.000 p.m. onwards
OSHClub Inventions and Innovations – Primary 
Innovation and Engineering Design Awards – Secondary
AARNet Technology awards
NMI Technology awards
Sebel Testing Awards
STANSW Most Promising Awards
Thursday 19th November 6.00 p.m. onwards
MANSW Mathematical Investigations – Primary
MANSW Mathematical Investigations – Secondary
NMI Mathematics Awards
AARNet Mathematics Awards
Thursday 19th November 7.00 p.m. onwards
Australian Water Awards
BHPFSEA Teacher Nominees
BHPFSEA Student Nominees
Budding Young Scientist (K-2)
Primary Young Scientist (3-6)
Broadcom Representative
ISEF Finalists
Young Scientist of the Year (7-12)