Great Resources


The following list of resources are just a sample of what we have available for all NSW teachers on our website. If you could spend a few minutes looking at some of these resources, you will most likely save yourself hours of planning and organising:

(i) Top 10 Hints Slideshow from the Young Scientist judges – Slide-show that has proven to be a most valuable resource for those who are inexperienced in running open-ended projects in their classrooms. The first two hints are provided below:

Hint 1: Familiarise students with the judging rubric early and work to cover all the criteria of a Level 4 project. The rubric is what the judges use to categorise projects. The best entries fulfil the majority of the Level 5 criteria. Most prize-winners are Level 5 projects. Any student that follows these criteria will go well, even if their idea is not the most original

Teacher crying wealth of resources
Hint 2: Show students early what a good project looks like – most students (and teachers) have no idea. Most students have no idea of what a good science project looks like. Not only that, most of us teachers also have no idea, generally it’s the case of the “blind leading the blind”.

Unless there is a certain level of expectation, students will continue to pump out sub-standard investigations.
“My student projects are just not good enough to enter Young Scientist!”
Don’t worry if your school does not get marvelous results in their first attempt. You’re just beginning your journey. Next year you can build on your own and your student’s skills.
Each subsequent year you will be taking your student projects to the next level.


(ii) Past winning projects – a huge proportion of our winning students have given us permission to upload their projects onto our website – our most precious resource!

(iii) Young Scientist Youtube Channel – An ever-expanding collection of student projects and other resources

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(iv) Sample judging scoring sheet – Attach your own school logo and use this as your SRP marking sheet.

(v) 2017 Judging Comment Bank – Over 1000 graded comments that deal with every step of the Working Scientifically process, Working Technologically process and Working Mathematically process – great for reporting purposes.

(vi) Master Informed Consent Form – Attach your own school logo and distribute this to every student who has to get consent from subjects participating in their research.