Young Scientist Projects

Chanum’s Project

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Chanum Torres, Redeemer Baptist School

Breathe Easy: Developing an Automated Ventilation Cycle System to Regulate CO2 Buildup in Vehicles

“Carbon dioxide levels in vehicle cabins build up much faster than people realise. My research showed that heightened levels of carbon dioxide were contributing to driver drowsiness. In response, I developed an automated ventilation system to regulate levels of carbon dioxide, ensuring safe levels of carbon dioxide in vehicle cabins.”


Alexandra’s Project

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Alexandra Garth, Redeemer Baptist School

Stay Tuned: Comparing the Effects of Long and Short-term Auditory Stimulation for Increasing the Sensitivity of a Person’s Hearing

“I tested the highest frequency that 200 subjects can hear and I found that flute and violin subjects could hear 1000 Hz higher than other subjects. I conducted a similar study 6 years ago with 178 subjects. 110 of the subjects tested in both studies had a hearing decrease of 1500 Hz, however, 8 subjects had an improvement in their hearing and each had picked up the playing of a flute or violin in the interim period.”


Josie’s Project

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Josie Jakovac, Hills Adventist College

The Effect of various Surfactants on the Efficiency of the Convective Processes occurring within Ferrofluid

“For my project, I used this amazing substance called ferrofluid, a liquid that becomes more like a solid near a magnet. They are used in loudspeakers, but they contain tetramethylammonium hydroxide, a very toxic chemical. I tested different safe chemicals that could be used to replace this toxic chemical and I found that oleic acid was a suitable replacement”

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